Tradeland Global Link Ltd. is registered in Nigeria, and is the Official Representative  of LiteForex in Nigeria and Africa.

1.1.1: We are a Forex Broker or a financial institution but Official Representative to LiteForex

1.1.2: We do not offer Forex Brokerages Services Such as Quoting of Prices, Giving Margins and Leverages Verifications etc…

1.1.4: We only serve as a Local Depositor/Withdrawal to Liteforex.

1.1.4.a: Tradeland Global Link Ltd. is a consultant on Forex Educational Training Program.

1.1.4.b:  Tradeland Global Link Ltd. is not a. Bereau de change office.

1.1.5: All transactions are made through our bank accounts.

1..2.0: You are to be bound with all the Tradeland Global Link Ltd. Rules/Services.

1.2.1: You will not use our services for money laundering activities.

1.2.2: Using our services for Fund Management/Money Investment of any Form is at your own risk as we do not manage funds for clients.

1.1.8i: Do note that Tradeland Global Link Ltd. will deduct 5% for any refund after payment.

1.1.9: We are not liable for any loss or profit you make during your trading with LiteForex

1.2.5: Every Account Funding and Withdrawal takes not less than 72 business hours.

1.2.5b: Clients are advised to collect receipt for every transaction.

2.1.9: High Risk Warning: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) carries a high level of risk and is not appropriate for everybody. it’s advisable you should be aware of all the risks associated with online Forex Trading and you should not invest into Forex with borrowed funds or money you cannot afford to lose.

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You are to be bound by these Terms and Policies.